Cool Apps to Use When Travelling Abroad – TouchNote

My friend Samantha introduced me to this cool app called TouchNote which I’ve started using while travelling. So, here goes my first post about ‘travel apps’.touchnote-logo

Basically, you can use the app, or the website, to make your own personalised postcards and greetings cards. All you do is upload the photo, or multiple photos, add your message and recipient’s address and that’s you done.

Here are a few I’ve sent so far:

touchnote-postcard-personalised  touchnote-postcard-example


  • If you’re a lazy shit like me and can’t be bothered dragging your ass to the post office but have regretfully promised people back home that you’ll send postcards, then TouchNote is your life saver!
  • If you’re going to send regular postcards or have a few to go at once then you can buy credits which ultimately reduce the cost per card. I’ve used the A$15 credit pack which let me send 5 postcards at $2.99 each.
  • TouchNote is way more personal that sending a traditional postcard. You may not have the handwritten message but you get to share YOUR photos, not some typical tourist, mass printed photo.


  • The app let’s you play with different handwriting style so that you’re card looks a bit more personal, but unless you pay a small fee each month then you can only have regular printed messages. The same applies for the ‘stamp’ on the card which can be a personal photo if you like.

What are you waiting for, get TouchNote-ing!

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