Five Things You’ll Experience As a Scot In Australia

  1. You experience complete fucking joy at discovering Irn Bru in the international food aisle of Coles. You were never keen on it back home but now it’s your go to.
  2. People will keep mistaking your accent as being Irish. Seriously, our accent sounds absolutely NOTHING LIKE the Irish!?
  3. The temperature goes below 10 and everyone is like ‘You’ll be so used to this kind of weather, won’t you?’. Just shut the fuck up! After all – who comes to Australia to sit in the pissing rain and freeze to death.
  4. Your existence on this earth is judged by your alcohol consumption. If you tell people that you don’t drink much they’ll look at you with disgust and come out with, ‘I thought you were meant to be Scottish, you’re not a very good one!’
  5. ‘Och aye the noo’, and other shit imitations of the Scottish accent become a daily occurrence….cringe.

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