Staying at Urban Central in Southbank

What’s On Offer

Urban Central is located in the Southbank area of Melbourne which is about 15mintes by foot up to the CBD.  I stayed here for 14 nights after my first hostel experience in St Kilda’s Base Hostel.

The good thing about Urban Central is that the dorm rooms are limited to 4 beds – which I’d say is quite rare! These can be mixed or single sex, and you can have en-suite or choose to use the shared bathrooms. I chose to use the shared bathrooms which was one of my firsts! I was quite nervous about this, but it turns out that I was actually being ridiculous. The benefit of shared bathrooms is that you never have to wait to get in the loo or shower. In the mornings this is much easier too: you can grab what you need from your room and head to the bathrooms without waking anybody up in your room. You get a bed light and your own locker with a plug in it – this savings any arguing over whose charger to unplug!

The staff here are pretty switched on when it comes to cleanliness. You see them around all day and they’re always cleaning. I also saw them cleaning the carpets in all the communal areas and hallways…got some wet socks after stepping out the dorm to take a phonecall!

I bought a Wi-Fi pass and initially I thought it was quite expensive, at $17. But it actually gives you access on multiple devices unlike other passes I’ve bought. There is free Wi-Fi in the common areas but I opted to have the access in my room when I wanted it.

There is a large kitchen and bar downstairs – I didn’t use either of these but I was told that the facilities were great and there’s the extra perk of having free tea, coffee, pasta and rice.

As with other hostels there a travel desk near the main lobby area where you can go and book onto sightseeing tours and activities. Also, if you haven’t got a laptop there is an internet café next to the travel desk which you can use for a fee.

My Rating of Urban Central: 4 stars out of 5.

*I would have given 5 stars but the staff weren’t all that useful when I approached them regarding the possibility of changing rooms because of the nutjob in my dorm. This girl had become very clingy and clearly had issues, not to mention her extremely poor personal hygiene affecting the whole room.

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